Multi Cuisine Restaurant

Multi-Cuisine Restaurant in Wayanad

When you visit Wayanad you will know that it's not just the nature and the greenery that will leave you in amaze but also the local delicacies in Wayanad, Kerala. When you are at Coffee Trail Resort, our chefs will make sure that you get to taste every local delicacy in the area along with a long array of cuisines at our multi-cuisine restaurant in Wayanad.

The Wayanad Multi-Cuisine restaurant inspire unforgettable culinary experiences on your holidays at our resort in Wayanad. Our Wayanad restaurant awaits to delight you with a variety of cuisines and the best of hospitality.

Wayanad Coffee Trail Resort offers everything to pamper your palate with Traditional Kerala and other local delicacies in natural homemade freshness. It is sure to be a treat to your taste buds. Our food is prepared carefully by professional chefs and is an ultimate culinary heaven for foodies.

Our Multi-Cuisine restaurant in Wayanad offers a delicious spectrum of South Indian, North Indian, Mughlai and Continental favourites just to match your taste. The pristine ambience coupled with warm hospitality and innovative multi-cuisine menu makes it an enjoyable and unforgettable dining experience.

Multi-cuisine restaurant overlooking the swimming pool where you can savour in your favourite food