Monsoon in Wayanad

Monsoon in Wayanad

Wayanad is a place which is lashed by rains and blasted by winds. It experiences two monsoons – from June to September and October to November. There are some already very beautiful places that become all the more beautiful after the heavy pouring rains, Wayanad is such a place. The heavy rains increase the scenic beauty of this place and make it look even greener and stunning.

Wayanad is part of the Western Ghatts, it is situated at a height of 700 to 2000 meters above the sea level. Wayanad is blessed with beautiful lakes,waterfalls,hills,desne green forests and rare species of birds and animals. These gifts of nature do not merely have a balmy effect on your tired soul, rather they give you a kind of happiness that is simply indescribable.Wayanad remains a pleasing sight after the Kerala monsoon showers which give it a fresher and greener look.

The mean average rain fall in this district is 2322 m.m. Lakkidi, Vythiri and Meppadi are the high rainfall areas in Wayanad. Annual rain fall in these high rain fall areas ranges from 3,000 to 4,000m.m. Wayanad’s amazing terrain becomes a perfect get-away spot during the monsoon rains. Every year, a large number of tourists visit Wayanad during monsoon to enjoy the beautiful nature.

You can visit the following places during monsoon; these places look more stunning and amazing during monsoon.

The Chethalayam Falls is a not well known fall in Wayanad yet there is no denying that it is extremely beautiful. The fall is 37 kilometers from Kalpetta, 12 km from Sultan Bathery and 54 kilometers from Meppady and offers wonderful opportunity to trek its rocks.

The Soochipara fall is 22 kilometers from Kalpetta and is perhaps the most attractive one around. The three layered fall, also known as the Sentinel Rock Falls, is situated amidst thick equatorial forests and you will need to undertake approximately 2 kilometers walk to reach it. On reaching, as you look up, the striking scene of the fall hits you almost instantly.

The Kanthanpara Waterfalls are comparatively smaller in both size and attraction, still it makes for a popular picnic spot. The water here falls from a height of 30 meters. The Meenmutty cascade, hot favourite, falls from a great height of 1000 m and exhibits a triple decker effect. The fall lies 29 kilometers from Kalpetta and 12 kilometers from Meppady.

If you are also quite fond of the rains and want to soak-in the real pleasure of the rains in this mesmerizing hill town, then you should go to Lakkidi, once popular as the Cherrapunji of the South.

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