Coffee Trail, an adventure resort hotel in Wayanad

Coffee Trail, an adventure resort hotel in Wayanad

Wayanad, the natures abode is a true paradise with myriad list of offerings for nature lovers and adventure junkies. When it comes to short weekend getaway or a long holiday break, Wayanad never fails to entertain the travellers.

Tucked away in the middle of lush green plantations, Wayanad Coffee Trail resort offers a delightful stay experience along with a wide range of adventure activities to provide you an unforgettable fun experience and to let you enjoy your holidays to the fullest. With so many adventurous activities arranged, Coffee Trail is an adventure explorer getaway and is one of the best adventure resort hotel in Wayanad. So, if you are a kind of traveller who want to unleash your inner adventurer and want to enjoy some quality time away from the busy day to day lives, Wayand Coffee Trail will be the perfect choice for your holidays. Here are some of the major activities that you can engage in while on your stay at Coffee Trail.

Burma Bridge Activity

Add a little fun and adventure to your holidays in Wayanad with this thrilling rope adventure activity that challenges your confidence and balancing capabilities. The Burma Bridge consists of a long thick rope for walking upon that is suspended at a height, and two ropes to hold on to maintain balance. The bridge swings slightly making it a challenge to balance, as you walk. Read More

Commando Net Activity

Gear up for an exciting Commando Net adventure activity at Wayanad Coffee Trail Resort. Climbing commando net is quite adventurous and is one among the favourite outdoor activity organised in a variety of summer camps. Read More

Swinging Valley Crossing Activity

The Swinging Valley Crossing activity involves crossing a valley which is about 30 – 35 metres long at a height of about 10 – 15 metres from ground. Enjoy all the fun and thrill of this adventure activity while on your stay at Coffee Trail Resort. Read More

Walking and Mountaineering Activity

With its scenic beauty and landscape, Wayanad makes it the perfect spot for adventure seekers and nature lovers. Walking and Mountaineering is one of the most adventurous and fun-filled activity that you can enjoy while on your stay at Coffee Trail Resort to explore the mesmerising beauty of Wayanad. Read More